What we do?

At R²A we are keen to support you in realizing your software project. With our strong background in agile software development, full stack web development, mobile development, and data engineering we can support you across the whole software development cycle.

You, as the principal, are the key to the software development process. It starts with your idea and throughout the process you are involved with your requirements and feedback to the software product.

The data model is the backbone of every application. It represents the domain of application, the language that the application speaks, and its overall structure. With our strong background in data management we specifically pay attention the data modelling, the data transformation, as well as its representation.

Software does not wear out but it ages – as such, software needs to be build in a sustainable way to support its maintenance. Adherence to industry and web standards, automation, and software tests are key features that we support, so that the software can successfully serve its purpose as long as it is needed.

Software systems and the processes involved are often complex. Various data sources and data processing systems are implemented as silos. By providing standardized interfaces for connecting the systems and integrating the data, benefits can be derived from the combination and a simplified overview can be obtained.

Who we are.


Sascha is a long-time freelance IT project manager and agile coach with profound knowledge in the agile environment. He fosters companies to conduct projects & agile transformations and supports them to introduce and implement agile methods. As a Flight Levels Coach and Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master (CSP-SM), he ensures a close integration between business and IT.
Sascha has industry knowledge in banking & insurance, retail, sports and healthcare.


Norman started his career in the field of Knowledge Graphs (RDF). His focus is on knowledge graph creation and user-facing content exploration. His technological skills comprise methodologies for knowledge extraction of heterogeneous data sources, interlinking, data pipelines, as well as distributed and collaborative data engineering. The establishment of data driven services, interfaces, use-case oriented databases, and web content are main parts of Normans daily business.


Natanael is a semantic web data engineering expert. He has a strong background in industrial application and research of modern data and software technology. He controls the full software and data stack in the role as software project manager and developer. His proficiency is the knowledge management in agile distributed data infrastructures supported by data versioning. He holds a doctor in computer science.

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